Working with You

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We strive to meet all of your project requirements and to work as seamlessly as possible with you to achieve your requirements on time and on budget. Our clients value us for solving their site access problems quickly and effectively.

Engineers use us for a wide variety of projects including:

  • geotechnical investigations
  • environment and resource management
  • equipment transport
  • forestry
  • mine operations
  • mineral exploration
  • personnel transportation
  • pipeline services
  • power line maintenance
  • reconnaissance
  • seismic surveys
  • surveying
  • utility maintenance

Client satisfaction

ATV Hire Pty Ltd is committed to ensuring satisfaction for you and your client. We achieve this by delivering a top-quality service and keep you informed throughout the engagement and delivery process. Yvo is often happy to provide any advice you may require about transport for site conditions and is available to undertake site assessments to determine the best vehicle set-up for your needs.

Site and Project-specific vehicle modifications

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ATV Hire is dedicated to solving our clients' site access issues. Yvo is very familiar with various types of difficult-to-access sites and understands the transport and vehicular access challenges they present. Yvo's team custom-modify all terrain vehicles (when required) to meet these challenges and in some cases undertake additional modifications on-site to allow for the impacts of changing weather conditions on sensitive sites.

Licenced operators

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ATV Hire's operators have successfully completed ATV driver training and hold current ATV driver licences. They are all experienced in transporting personnel, machinery and sensitive equipment to difficult-to-access site locations.

Dry Hire Arrangements

ATV Hire also offers its vehicles for dry hire. Please contact us for additional information including our standard conditions.


ATV Hire offers a competitively priced service which is customised to each client for each job. Please contact us for your obligation free quotation.

Policies and Insurances

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ATV Hire Pty Ltd is a registered company (ABN: 45 150 127 781) with a comprehensive suite of current policies, procedures and insurances, such as:

  • OH&S system
  • Environmental policy
  • Vehicle registrations
  • Public liability insurance
  • Motor vehicle insurance
  • Work cover

For further details about these or any other documentation you require, please contact us.


We can work with CPTS to offer cone penetration testing in difficult to access sites.

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Making Tracks

The inside scoop on sites, ATV fleet modifications, capabilities and more...

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Photo Gallery

See our All Terrain Vehicles in action and view our demonstration videos.

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