Gladstone Mudflats:
Piezocone Testing


Client: CPTS

Requirements: CPTS needed to access intertidal mudflats to conduct vibracore sampling.

  • CPTS had designed and built a portable prototype vibracore system which was trialed on site at Gladstone. Each of the components of this system had to be carried into the site by hand. The system worked but could be improved upon.
  • ATV Hire in conjunction CPTS then redesigned and constructed a vibracore system specially built to be transported by our 8 wheel drive vehicles.
  • This system worked so well that the original scope of 20 sample locations was revised to 45.
Staff Comment: 'We worked out a routine and by the third sample location the end-client (from Santos) commented that ATV Hire, CPTS and the vibracore system was "Working like a well oiled machine". You couldn't wipe the smile off my face'.

Kangaroo Island,
Seismic Survey

We were lucky enough to take some great photographs of the detonating explosives
along the alignment.

Client: Earth & Marine Sciences P/L for the QGC LNG Pipeline Project

Requirements: Transportation of seismic survey crew and equipment across intertidal mudflats.

  • ATV Hire supplied an 8 wheel drive tracked amphibious vehicle and an amphibious trailer and an experienced operator.
Outcome: The use of the ATV Hire vehicles allowed Earth & Marine Sciences to complete their testing within a time frame that would not have been achievable otherwise.


(Red Mud Dam #2)


Client: CPTS Pty Ltd

Requirements: CPTS required a specialized vehicle with the following capabilities:

>Able to traverse very soft mud

>Carrying capacity of 1000kg

>Must not produce any spray/splatter when moving

>Able to withstand the forces of CPTu testing

>Able to withstand a caustic environment if required

  • A suitable vehicle, an Amphirol, was acquired by ATV Hire and overhauled and modified to facilitate geotechnical testing.
  • The vehicle arrived on site, on time and ready to undertake testing including: shear vane, CPTu and seismic dilatometer.

Outcome: The project was a complete success for all.

Final note: This Amphirol "The Mudskipper' is the only such geophysical testing vehicle available for hire in Australia.

Port of Brisbane
– Piston Sampling


Client: Port of Brisbane Corporation

Requirements:Obtain high quality piston samples on very soft dredged clays.

  • ATV Hire in conjunction with CPTS devised a system and methodology utilising the low ground pressures of our 8 wheel drive tracked vehicles to safely collect samples on ground that was barely strong enough to walk on.
  • A walk over of the site was conducted first to assess the ground conditions (see video).

Curtis Island

imgp2778 curtis island

Client: Golder Associates for the QGC LNG Pipeline

Requirements: Supply transport for engineering and drilling personnel on Curtis Island after three (3) cyclones left the site inaccessible and unsafe for 4 wheel drive vehicles due to washouts and bog holes.

  • ATV Hire supplied an 8 wheel drive vehicle and an experienced operator
  • Each wash-out on the Island had to be approached with caution to ensure passenger safety.
  • Because the vehicle is 8 wheel drive vehicles it was able to successful and safely negotiate the difficult terrain.

Outcome: Where 4 wheel drive Toyota Landcruisers and Polaris 4*4's failed, ATV Hire's vehicles and experience got the job done safely.

Gladstone Mudflats
– Hoverbarge for
Drill Rig Transport


Client: Coffey Geotechnics for the Santos LNG Project

Requirements: Transport a drill rig across intertidal mudflats.

  • CPTS originally had informal discussions with Santos staff who were deliberating how to transport a geotechnical drill rig and crew over 2500m of mud flats.
  • Santos had ruled out helicopters due to strict OH&S and environmental requirements.
  • ATV Hire outlined the design and requirements of a 'hoverbarge' (air cushioned trailer) and commissioned an outside company to construct the craft.
  • The craft when delivered however it failed to operate as required. ATV Hire staff then worked into the night each night for a week to dismantle, redesign and rebuild the drive systems. Our thanks to the many businesses in Gladstone who assisted in many ways to make this craft operational.
  • When the modifications were completed the craft was tested and ready for the project kickoff on-time and ready to go.
  • Transport of the drill rig over this site was a challenging project due to ever changing ground and environmental conditions. These ranged from very wet and boggy to extremely sticky and then to dry and dusty.
  • Individually each of these environmental conditions posed challenging complexities that needed to be overcome both for the 8 wheel drive amphibious vehicles and for the hoverbarge.
  • ATV Hire was able to successfully transport the drill rig and drilling equipment to each and every one of the proposed bore hole locations. And more importantly, for the driller at least, we never once left his rig to the mercy of the incoming tides.
  • The project was a resounding success.
Final note: ATV Hire has since this time repeated this process three times for a number of the proposed LNG pipelines.

Lotus Creek
123 lotus creek

Locals to the area stated the area was
"so wet you would bog a duck".Outcome:
After ATV Hire's reconnaissance to
assess the situation the equipment was able
to demobilise from site two days later.

Client: Geologique Pty Ltd

Requirements: Provide an all terrain vehicle and operator to transport an engineering geologist approx. 20 kilometers through rough/hilly and flooded terrain.

  • ATV Hire was engaged to drive an engineer through terrain which was swamped by the floods in Central Queensland during the summer of 2010 – 2011.
  • Gaining access enabled our client to determine possible options for demobilising equipment which had been abandoned and was previously inaccessible.
  • All reports anticipated the equipment to remain land locked and on hire for another considerable period.



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