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Yvo Keulemans (Director of CPTS Pty Ltd – Cone Penetration Testing Services) established ATV Hire Pty Ltd in Brisbane, Queensland in August 2009 to provide all terrain vehicles to engineers needing transport to difficult-to-access sites such as swamps, tidal mudflats, tailings dams and creeks.

ATV Hire provides experienced and fully-licensed operators to transport personnel, machinery and equipment to challenging sites. ATV Hire's staff have the knowledge and expertise to maintain, service and custom-modify their fleet of all-terrain vehicles (including Argo's, Centaur, a hoverbarge and amphirol) for each client-specific project.

ATV Hire's sister company, CPTS (Cone Penetration Testing Services) also utilises ATV Hire to enable its precise testing equipment to be transported into remote locations and difficult-to-access sites.

Our team of ATV Operators

Yvo Keulemans – Director & Operator

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Yvo Keulemans is the Director of ATV Hire. He has more than 20 years experience providing cone penetration testing services to clients across thousands of job sites in Queensland, interstate and overseas.

Yvo is widely regarded among geotechnical engineers and other clients as a technical expert in cone penetration testing. He has also developed his own equipment and custom-modified his own vehicles to solve site access issues for clients.

Since establishing CPTS Pty Ltd in 1999, Yvo has built an excellent reputation among geotechnical engineers for providing consistently high quality and reliable data with a professional service. He established ATV Hire in 2009 with the same ethos.

Today, clients use ATV Hire because it has a proven record and they trust Yvo to provide a custom designed solution for transporting personnel, machinery and equipment to a wide range of challenging sites, even under difficult climatic conditions.

Steven Keulemans - Workshop Manager and ATV Operator


Steven has provided design and fabrication services to our sister company, CPTS since 2001. He started full time employment with this company in 2006 and in 2011 took on the Workshop Manager role for ATV Hire. In addition to maintaining our fleet of All Terrain Vehicles, Steven also liaises with our clients to ensure that the workshop delivers vehicles that meet specific site requirements.

As a licensed ATV Operator, Steven is also experienced with accessing difficult terrain on sites such as:

  • tailings dams,
  • dam walls,
  • swamps,
  • reclamation sites,
  • intertidal mudflats,
  • wharves,
  • jetty's and airports.

"I enjoy running an efficient, safety-conscious workshop while designing and constructing transport machinery for specific client needs. Taking these vehicles on site to demonstrate their performance capabilities is the icing on the cake!"

Bill Pickworth – Operations Manager

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Bill has worked with Yvo since 2005. He became a full-time operator with ATV Hire in April 2010 and has successfully completed the Argo Driver Training course. Bill also works with Yvo to develop technical solutions to client and site specific access and transport issues. He assists in producing designs for vehicle modifications and in their implementation. Bill's site experience includes:

  • Port of Brisbane
  • Highway upgrade projects in Northern and Central NSW
  • Mine Site Tailings Dams: Bauxite
  • Existing dams and investigations for proposed dam sites
  • Port of Brisbane
  • Gladstone Mudflats
  • Airport
  • Commercial and residential developments

"I love to put our design modifications into practice and coming up with an end product that works."

Martin Waugh – ATV Operator

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Martin has worked with Yvo since March 2008. He has successfully completed: Argo Driver Training, 4WD Driver Training and Defensive Driver Training. He helps develop technical solutions to client and site specific access and transport issues. Martin's responsibilities also include assisting with servicing and maintaining the ATV Hire fleet. His site transport and access experience includes:

  • Mine Site Tailings Dams: Gold, Coal, Bauxite, Copper
  • Power Station Ash Dams: Callide, Swan Bank & Stanwell
  • Highway upgrade projects in Northern and Central NSW
  • Port of Brisbane
  • Gateway Motorway upgrade
  • Gladstone Mudflats
  • Jetty and wharf projects
  • Hume Weir
  • Existing dams and investigations for proposed dam sites
  • Airport: air side and land side
  • Commercial and residential developments

"I love doing the vehicle R&D, building and modifying the equipment, having it working well on site and see the client really happy with what we have achieved for them."

Steven Keulemans - Workshop Manager and ATV Operator


We can work with CPTS to offer cone penetration testing in difficult to access sites.

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